BEP Arquitetos Associados


BEP was founded from a common belief: "well-being". Every project developed by us has this guiding principle.

It is true that we are not always rulers of where we live or work. And the "wel-being" often depends not only by the space but also by the moment where you are and even the history of the place. Throughout our lives, we have accumulated memories and objects that define us and the environment around us is nothing more than a reflection of that. 

In this quest for "well-being", we say to realize an architectural design is always a job that requires the dedication of everyone involved. The greater the delivery, the better the result. 

Breakeven Point - BEP The term means imported equilibrium. Its applications are diverse: the economy, when losses and gains are equivalent to the end of the process; in physics, the point at which the ratio between the energy generated is greater than the energy spent on producing it. In architecture, the term also applies to the pursuit of "living well". The equilibrium arises at the time that the construction becomes home. It is when your new life scenario merges with its history.

Since 2013, the BEP, led by architects Bruno Amaral and Taiza Greca, has signed many projects. We believe that the concepts of beauty and functionality should not be or be decoupled and therefore we flow between them expressing the influences of modern, contemporary, minimalist and cosmopolitan.

SIG quadra 6, lotes 2380/2390, Brasília, DF
70610460 Brasília


Contratei o BEP para transformar um imóvel de 50m2 em um lugar habitável, bonito e funcional. Ficou perfeito e o serviço dos jovens profissionais é de qualidade, tanto tecnicamente quanto no atendimento. Não tenho fotos porque o imóvel foi alugado. Pretendo contratar novamente.
about 6 years ago
Fizemos o projeto do nosso apartamento no Noroeste com o BEP, após pesquisar várias empresas de Brasília. Ficamos muito satisfeitos não só com o atendimento, mas também com o resultado. Os arquitetos são atenciosos e interessados nas necessidades do cliente. O projeto ficou organizado e explicativo, facilitando o entendimento de quem for executá-lo. Recomendadíssimo!!!
about 6 years ago
Excelentes profissionais. Desde o primeiro atendimento até a execução da obra. Responsáveis, ágeis, com ótimas ideias e soluções, detalhistas, com refinado bom gosto, flexíveis, atenciosos, enfim, só tenho elogios. Recomendo muito!!!
about 6 years ago