Tim van de Weerd


My name is Tim van de Weerd; I design furniture

and objects. Within my work I am searching for the unexpected; in form, material and use. Unexpected and sophisticated details are my speciality. Therefore I move on the edge of craftsmanship and technology. I operate on a commission basis and on my own initiative.

I strive for custom-made, functional and distinctive designs. Every design – whether it be a restaurant showpiece or a custom-made cabinet – is uniquely fabricated. The shape is leading, the client’s requirements decisive. On this basis I choose the right materials, with a keen eye for texture and quality. Craftsmanship and precision machining meet to generate fascinating details. Every piece of furniture or object is also characterized by a distinctive, subtle tension.

In 2014 my Monstera Magnifica and Monstera Fugiens were exhibited at the Dutch Design Week. Prior to this I obtained my master's degree in Interior Design at the Utrecht School of the Arts. I have also worked at Karres & Brands, an international landscape architecture office. In 2011 I decided to go independent as a designer, and I currently work from my studio at Vechtclub XL, a creative hotspot in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Contact me for more information or for an introductory meeting:

+31 (0) 649386282 | info@timvandeweerd.nl

Europalaan 2b
3526 Utrecht
+31-649386282 www.timvandeweerd.com


the vases are so cool!
about 3 years ago