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Prefabricated houses are not really a new concept in the market. For many decades, prefabricated houses were built as a cheap alternative to a conventional building or an apartment. Since the production of these houses has become very fashionable, the company FHS prefabricated houses has specialized in developing these dream homes. Due to the short construction period and the quality-price ratio, more and more people residing in Spain decide to give preference to a prefabricated house.

Tell us your dream and we make it come true. The system allows total design flexibility: any project can be carried out, from the simplest to the most complex, of ground floor, one or more floors. You can build roofs to several waters or planes etc. It also supports any type of exterior finish, including exposed brick and all types of interior coverings: papers, paint, ceramics. The architect can design without restrictions. Likewise, large openings can be projected, such as double garage doors, window doors, etc. FHS prefabricated houses has a clear answer to one of the most common questions: Yes, prefabricated houses are an economical alternative to conventional construction, usually more expensive, without having to worry about a lower quality or sustainability, being also an excellent real estate investment .

Construction with Steel Frame
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