Ailis Lighting Solutions


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Ailis is an Italian company that designs and manufactures LED lamps to improve the conditions of life and work, in order to ensure and enhance the sustainability, productivity as well as energy savings, in harmony and in full respect of the environment. 

The lighting technology always evolving, it can help us live better.

Ailis tries to combine creativity, design solutions Hi-Tech technology.

Ailis is able to achieve for any type of requirement, lighting systems that will optimize the design of the building, using devices that fully utilize the natural light, interact with each other and interact with the user.

Ailis, manufactures products in line with the most stringent environmental protection policies and energy conservation.

The space is enveloped by a homogeneous light and perfect, the shapes and the colors are exalted, the senses are amplified, emotions run out of new leves and the fine living is accomplished.

Alessandro Casagrande

via Montello 104
36063 Marostica


10 months ago
Veri artisti della luce oltre a tecnici e preparati su ogni tecnologia che questo settore offre! Consigliatissimi sopratutto a professionisti ma anche a privati
over 2 years ago
over 2 years ago