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New project

 Nowadays, the architecture of information age desires synthesis and visuality. Via divers and tremendous mutual communication as P.C, internet and mobile phone, all parts of the world form one community establishing closer contacts and is becoming a gigantic 'global village.' A simultaneous communications between professionals and amateurs, and between completely different regions arouse many creative stimulations. These simultaneous, infinite and open communication makes it possible for a synthesis of a new types. For an efficiency and an acceleration of the communication in this process, the 'visuality' is becoming more essential. A modern man does not interpret and react by means of reading as he did in the past, but via video, computer, internet and mobile phones, getting visual information from the screen at a glance. 

  Such conditions does not demand selecting a alternative ('either or'), but a thought and methodology of 'AND', in which divers values can coexist. A methodology, which makes divers or segregated elements communicate themselves, then achieving a new synthesis, although not losing their nature of independence.

  We, aandd, are an architecture office with passionate desire for a multi-design effect, which is related to the architecture by such methodology. It is necessary not to limit oneself to just one boundary of field, but to be open to various fields in order to communicate in such way and to accomplish the new synthesis. We, aandd, are carrying out processes of diverse fields regarding architecture, interior, graphic, and environmental design. Furthermore, such intermediate fields are tending to increase. We believe that the projects of such new significant intermediates are the new 'blue ocean'. Additionally, this new synthesis consists of not only the design aspect, but also synthesizing through the open communication between offices and people in the process of project performance.

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