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AVOID!!! We ordered over £100 worth of goods and was sent to the wrong address. FedEx could not offer compensation as BannerBuzz only valued the order less than £10.
4 months ago
Extremely poor quality products and worse post-sale service. We ordered a large roller banner for an upcoming event, when it arrived, the banner mechanism was cracked, the strap for the case snapped the first time it was picked up (repaired with cable ties), the zip broke, and at the event when setting up the banner (without excessive force might I add) the material ripped from the top. We raised the issue with BannerBuzz who refused to send out the replacement material (this is all that was requested as the bag/mechanism would still function ok) and was refused as despite sending across these images, they could not justify that because they didn't have 'the proper images of the damaged banner'. Instead was offered the same discount on a replacement order that any new customer can get. Avoid this company at all costs!
about 1 year ago
1 month later and still waiting for delivery... this is NOT a UK company, they are based on India, very decietful website.
over 1 year ago
Wrong colour delivered on a £1300 ceiling sign. they refused to rectify the problem. every time we called to fix the issue they hung up. terrible service. As you can see in the photo on left from another supplier the same colour ordered on same fabric. Banner buzz delivered item on right complete different colour not useable.
almost 2 years ago
I never leave a bad review but had no option with this company! Im Absolutely. I spoke at length to a customer service rep and even sent a picture of the building the letters were being attached to. They not only advised me of the wrong fixings (which I paid them to send) they sent me a product that was chipped and rough round the edges. When I have asked them for help, I have hit a brick wall. Their answer "Apparently the product will look better when its up high!" not even a refund for the wrong fixings that were sent. Please avoid this unprofessional company
over 3 years ago
They not base on east London. They have the service in India. Full of dodgy people. I’m living less than one minute walking distance from the address which they advertised on google search but they won’t allow pickup. asked me to wait 3 weeks to deliver.
over 3 years ago
I must admit that having read some other reviews, I was a little hesitant about using this company for decals ordered by a very important client. However, they were the only printer I could find who could print custom designs onto perforated (one-way) static-clings, so we took a chance. The BannerBuzz designers contacted us by phone and email regarding the queries they had with our order, as it was very large and I had sent it through in pieces. They also voiced legitimate concerns over some areas of our images in the standard proof. This did delay our delivery, but for the right reasons, and we're very glad they were conscientious with our order. The decals arrived, a little later than hoped (design delays considered), but I'm happy to put that down to staff shortages in the current pandemic chaos. They were incredibly well packaged, with only a tiny fold on one corner that no one else would notice - I'm just terribly pedantic about such things. The perforated decals were trickier to apply, but considering all sections were around 1.5m wide, it was not bad. The decal material and print quality were fantastic - as a fussy designer I cannot fault them, my client is thrilled, and their customers have ALL commented on how fantastic the decals look. Three months in, the ongoing reaction from passing pedestrian and road traffic is great - the decals have had a real impact for my client in establishing themselves at their new premises. We ordered solid static-clings for privacy on windows for patient treatment rooms, and perforated (one-way) clings for the reception room. They all work exactly as needed, and look amazing. I would use them again, for my own or client orders.
over 3 years ago
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY - disgusting customer services. if i could rate zero stars i would. the lied they were based in india, pretended they had UK printing problems. i had to chase them about my order because it did not arrive. they said it would arrive 6 days late - 3 days after my event. they refused to compensate me because i had to pay an additional £24 to another company for a 24 hour turn around on my order. they hung up on my call. when i called back, the manager Tim was laughing at me to his colleagues in the back ground about the fact that i mentioned "consumer rights". digusting behaviour, awful company.
over 3 years ago
Just try to get hold of customer service and you'll understand the 1 star
over 3 years ago
Very poor form that this company is hiding that it is operating in India. There nothing wrong with being based in India and serving your customers. Own up to it! I needed a banner urgently for an event and paid for delivery on a specific date. It was only when I received the shipping notification that I realised that the company was in India and that with the best will in the world, it would have been impossible for the package to arrive on time. Lying on your website is not exactly proof of trustworthiness. When my package finally arrived, the banner looked nothing like what I had been shown as proof before printing. So it is useless for my event which has now passed any way and will go to the bin. What a waste of money, time and effort. DO NOT patronise this company. You will regret it and will have wasted your money.
over 3 years ago
Do NOT use these guys - they are a shambles. The system would not load the artwork and when i finally got it sorted, they agreed to deliver within 7 days. Nothing came. Tracking didn't work. Helpline would not answer. I called orders and was on hold '1st in line' for 10 mins then cut me off. Really irritating american voice on recorded messages. These people are rubbish
almost 4 years ago
Order a replacement vinyl for my store. Over the moon with the quality and price. I had an issue with my resolution and the guys sorted it out for me free of charge. Would definitely recommend and use again. Thanks guys. 10 out of 10 from me.
almost 4 years ago
The staffs at BannerBuzz very helpful and I am impressed with their customer service. The print quality of the banner was excellent. I would definitely be looking forward for more print jobs from them.
almost 4 years ago
Incredibly disappointed. I ordered a 10 x 8ft step & repeat board and they sent a frame that was the wrong size. After a veery long time of trying to assemble the frame, we finally figured out that it was the wrong size. In the end we had to just hung the banner off the frame, which looked horrible and unprofessional. Definitely do not recommend. In the photos you can see that the banner just hangs off and that the frame is way too small.
over 4 years ago
The order arrived on the dedicated date, they also provides free designs proofs. But my main concern was the quality due to the bad reviews that was stuck on my head. However, I ordered throught them and crossed my fingers and I was impressed. I didn't even had to called them, everything was done through email which to me is quite professional. I recommend this to everyone making sure you have the recommended picture quality and you won't go wrong.Thanks BannerBuzz..... hope to do business again in the future.
over 6 years ago
Bad Quality Frosted decals I haven't used your product because I bought frosted window film from you. I tried couple of times but don't sticky windows and letters torn. I'm not happy with you.I never recommend bannerbuzz. sorry I have proof pictures, I want to get back my money. all order received from India. WHY???? because cheap workers
over 7 years ago
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