Premium European Bath Linens

With 40 years of know-how in our field, Sorema is recognized as a distinguished provider of bath linens. All our products are manufactured in Portugal and we are proud to deliver to every continent.

Each Sorema creation is a result of excellence combining our passion for delivering high quality with unique details. Our premium linens are pioneering within European modern living, considering both design and comfort.

Our market knowledge and wide range, combined with our investment in the latest production and communication technology, ensure that we meet all our clients’ requirements – for choice, quality and service.

Rua dos Limites, 145
4500-486 Silvalde, Espinho


Nº 1 em qualidade e design em Portugal. Os produtos básicos também são ótimos, mas a linha luxo da Sorema é a melhor.
9 months ago
Excellent quality.
over 1 year ago
Amazing quality products.
about 2 years ago