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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit – Aristotle

Marco Braghiroli is an Italian architect from Milan, the founder and managing director of Prestige Architects Ltd., specialising in high-end, bespoke boutique residential projects. Multi award-winning Prestige works with clients throughout the UK and worldwide, creating some of the most beautiful and innovative living spaces, through a tailored traditional, contemporary or modern design to suit each client’s individual taste.

This renowned London-based architectural practice has been actively working on residential projects since 2009. Its reputation for the creation and completion of outstanding residential projects is of the highest standards, thanks to the leadership and influence of founder, Marco.

His extensive experience of working on residential projects in both the UK and abroad means that Marco brings about a unique blend of Italian design with quality British delivery time and time again. This renowned London-based boutique architectural practice upholds a reputation for industry excellence, the creation and completion of superior residential and boutique projects. Prestige also work with many clients who simply wish to create a new look and feel to their living space. Often leaving the exterior untouched, their expert boutique design, space planning and appreciation of beautiful furniture, transforms many residences into something that reflects the personality and unique taste of their clients.

Winners of several industry awards with multiple short-listings for international design awards, it’s not hard to see why. Whether it be a permanent residential home or a luxurious holiday getaway, Prestige Architects is renowned for its inspired creativity and design excellence.

Most recently crowned winner of The Corporate LiveWire Awards category in Best in Residential Architecture Services – Europe, for 2017. These prestigious awards represent the very best in business achievement, championing award-worthy applicants in their respective fields; the culmination of these awards is the Global Award, where every business type has continually proven their excellence throughout the year and historically.

Marco has been instrumental in the creation of numerous private London residencies and English country estates as well as working on homes in Greece, Italy, Switzerland , Montecarlo and the Caribbean and continues to deliver beautifully bespoke, boutique and luxurious private properties all over the world.

Recent projects include the impressive redevelopment of a house in Knightsbridge and a basement and mansard extension of a pre-existing grade II, seven-story house in exclusive St James, London. Prestige has also been selected to appear in the much-coveted book The World’s Most Glamorous Homes 2018” and Marco has been selected to appear in the book “World’s Leading Designer Names 2018”; celebrating outstanding design, exacting technical content and aesthetic creativity.

Marco tells us: “Our passion is to turn the client vision into reality. We work with private clients who always bring their personal input into the creative process, developing a sense of excitement around the unique design and build of a residence or luxurious holiday home. Such a project is extremely subjective and needs to be tailored to the lifestyle and taste of our client.

Many of our clients come back time and time again, having enjoyed the creative journey we have taken them on and been astounded by the end result. As an architect, I have to put aside the ‘designer ego’ and take my client through the whole creative design process, which is incredibly personal to them. This doesn’t mean that we lose control of the design, quite the contrary in fact, this collaboration drives forward the design experience, ensuring our client gets the perfect design and build to the highest quality.”

Prestige Architects is certainly no stranger to repeat clients who have commissioned follow-up projects all over the globe who wish to continue their bespoke, breath-taking architectural journey, filled with elegance and creative expertise. Repeat projects to date include holiday chalets in Switzerland, summer houses in Greece and Italy as well as being shortlisted for exciting future projects such as a house refurbishment in the USA, bespoke yacht design in Asia and a luxury villa development in Zanzibar.

In the beginning:

Marco completed his architectural studies at the Politecnico of Milan and later studied interior design at the University of Hasselt in Belgium. The year 2000, saw Marco move to London where he worked for some of the UK’s leading architectural firms in traditional architecture, soon becoming senior associate and working on iconic academic college projects for Cambridge and Oxford.

In 2003, Marco discovered his love for private residential design and began to focus his energy in this field. He was fortunate enough to be the lead architect at this time, designing many beautiful buildings and has since been instrumental in the creation of numerous private London residencies and English country estates as well as designing homes in Greece, Italy and the Caribbean.

Launching Prestige in 2009, Marco and his team continue to deliver beautifully bespoke private properties, strengthening his reputation for design excellence in this market.

The key to the success of Prestige is the level of expertise from a solid team of experienced consultants coupled with the exacting level of detail applied to each project. This combination of innovation and design excellence has led to international awards success and many industry short-listings.

The Prestige team work in close collaboration with local associate companies when working outside of the UK to ensure that all international and cultural nuances are considered. Having expert local know-how is invaluable and Prestige enjoy a permanent relationship with the Milan office for all Italian projects. This strong international team, is the soul of the business and this group of industry-leading professionals provide the ultimate client experience: a smooth creative process delivering outstanding design and effective practical purpose.

The Prestige Portfolio

If you would like to experience a breath-taking design journey you can view some of Prestige’s projects and see for yourself the skill, creative elegance and expertise of Marco and his team.

If you would like to talk to Prestige Architects about your vision for a UK or international residential project, they would love to hear from you.

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Company awards
ACQ-global awards 2016—Finance Monthly global awards 2016—Lawyer Monthly Awards 2017
2 Magistrate House—market place
TW8 8FJ London, UK
United Kingdom


Communication is the most important aspect of job as an architect. Marco's ability to listen and understand the problem space and to solve those problems is brilliant.
over 8 years ago
Project date: October 2015
It has been nearly three years since I have known Marco. It is a big pleasure, joy and luck to know him, work with him, deal with him as he is a fantastic, productive and a positive person. He is excellently educated and raised very well with great Italian spirit and taste. I highly recommend him as you will enjoy every minute of working and communicating with him
over 6 years ago
I have been very pleased with the expertise, efficiency and attention to details. I am impressed with Marco's design, taste and listening skills, patience and adherence to budget. I have recommended Marco to many friends and business contacts. All of them were very grateful and their expectations totally satisfied. Marco's creativity, passion, builders' managements and relations ability makes him an invaluable partner into the London housing market 'adventure'.
over 6 years ago