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The Main Line Kitchen Design business model enables us to give our customer’s better designs, and better made cabinetry for slightly less than the cost at other showrooms and even home centers. Because we use an office to display our 8 different brands of cabinets with all of their door styles and finishes and do not have complete displays of kitchen vignettes, this saves on overhead. We also are not open to the general public and so we do not need to pay for staffing a showroom and answering questions for people possibly many years away from renovating their kitchens.

In addition, by charging a small deposit before investing approximately eight hours measuring and creating preliminary designs for our customers we also assure that the people we work with have at least some commitment to the process as well. This helps us give you the most professional service at the best price and the added design time that really shows when your project is complete. Check out our page to see over 50 kitchens we have design over the last few years.

  • Kitchen Design
  • Sell 8 Brands of Kitchen Cabinets
Service areas
  • Montgomery County PA
  • Delaware County
  • PA
  • Chester County
  • Bucks County
  • Bala Cynwyd
Company awards
  • 2017 Viking Appliances Designer of Distinction
  • 2017 Two Kitchens featured in the Ardmore Library Kitchen Tour.
  • 2016 DelCY Award Best Kitchen Delaware and Chester Counties
  • 2015 DelCY Award Best Kitchen Delaware and Chester Counties
  • 2014 CoTY Award Best Kitchen Bucks and Montgomery Counties
  • 2011 Episcopal Academy Home Tour
  • Pyramid Award 2008 Best Design
  • Best of Houzz 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 Customer Service Award.
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19 Bala Ave Suite 305
19004 Bala Cynwyd
United States


This is the place to go if you want a meticulous design. A great kitchen starts with a great design. Then you can worry about cabinets, countertops, flooring etc
about 2 months ago
I reached out to this company today to request information for a potential kitchen renovation by filling out their online form. I was contacted within 10 minutes of clicking "submit," which surprised me by a gentleman with a thick NYC accent. I spoke to the gentleman who said he had pulled up my home's Redfin listing and said that he noticed many "illegal" things in our kitchen. I was taken aback by this, since our very thorough inspector did not say anything in our kitchen was "illegal." (Besides, what he was pointing out was not "illegal." In my opinion, this was a scare tactic used to pressure me to use his company). He then asked what were were looking to do, and I began describing our plans for the project. He then rudely interrupted me, indicated that kitchen designers "know better" than customers, that they are the "experts," and that they would design my kitchen for me and then it would be better than what I wanted. I tried to explain that we own an older home, wanted to ensure that the renovation made sense in a historical context, and that we did not want cookie cutter. He insulted me by saying that most customers don't actually know what they want and if I wanted to direct the design plans, then project would inevitably go wrong. I'm not sure if this man thought he was "selling" his company, but he did sell me on one thing - this was a company that I should stay away from. In my opinion, did not treat me with a basic level of respect that all customers deserve and I was very upset by the call.
5 months ago
Similarly to other one star reviews here, I was called just after hitting submit on the Contact inquiry form where the owner of the company immediately launched into comments about when I must have moved into the home as the Zillow photos are still up, instead of asking me about what I was looking to have done in the kitchen started telling me what he personally felt was wrong with the current design. After he finished, I began to explain I had thought the same until I actually started using the kitchen, and that we would like to keep the existing layout the same, but he continued to rudely interrupt me, indicating that kitchen designers "know better" than customers, that they are the "experts," and that they would design my kitchen for me regardless. I personally do not understand why you would want to waste your own designers' time if they will have to redo the renderings but that's your call, bud. The lack of professionalism truly astounded me but unsurprised to see I am not the first person to have this type of interaction. I have spoken with a few other dealers and all have been wonderful, except for this one. If I could give zero stars I would - your rudeness is a true reflection of who you are as a person, and regardless of what you think about your own services I highly recommend you stop interrupting and speaking over your customers as a matter of general decency.
2 months ago