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Ippolito Fleitz Group is a multidisciplinary, internationally operating design studio based in Stuttgart. Currently, Ippolito Fleitz Group presents itself as a creative unit of 40 designers, covering a wide field of design, from strategy to architecture, interiors, products, graphics and landscape architecture, each contributing specific skills to the alternating, project-oriented team formations. Our projects have won over 200 renowned international and national awards.

Augustenstr. 87

70197 Stuttgart
+49-711993392330 ifgroup.org/de


about 1 year ago
over 6 years ago
Für Behindertes Design Prozess und witziges Ergebnis sehr gerne empfohlen. Sorry nimm es nicht privat. Leider ist die Gruppe einfach ganz weit von gutem Design.
about 2 years ago