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Architectural design should be suitable for

clients' lifestyle.

We try to ask carefully not only clients' requirement but also their lifestyle, hobbies and diversions in detail.

As the result we can extract their hidden requirements which they haven't noticed by


We especially attach big importance to connection between inside and outside.

For example, connection between premise and community,

between inside and outside of house, between own family and visitors, between

individual and the other family members.

We always think how should we treat the various connections and what is the best design of the interface for clients' life.

In these years more and more people recognize environmental issues such as

global warming.

And recent housing says ecology-conscious design which applies solar energy

generation and/or rainwater recycling system, whilst the design strongly relies

on electric/electrical equipments to provide comfort life inside house.

We still think we need to design comfort life space with the

electric equipments as less as possible, although some of the equipments such as air conditioner have been almost mandatory for contemporary life.

Company awards
World Architecture Community Awards 2010 , Best Store of The Year 2010 , DFA silver Award 2009 , Kid’s Design Award 2009(Japan) , JCD Design Award Rookie Award 2009 (Japan) , World Architecture Festival 2008 , GOOD DESIGN EXPO 2008(Japan) , Sustainable Housing Award 2008(Japan) , JCD Design Award 2008 (Japan) , Interior Cordination Contest 2008(Japan) SD Review2011(Japan), DFA Bronze Award 2011,World Architecture Community Awards14th DFA silver Award 2013,World Architecture Community Awards15th,DFA gold Award 2014,
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