AIRCLOS, is a company located in the province of Castellón, Spain and dedicated to developing and manufacturing aluminium and solar protection systems for architecture. We have more than thirty years of experience as a family business, and are leaders in the commercialisation and development of folding systems that offer solutions to any needs. We have widened our range of products with new Sliding Glass Walls, Retractable Roofs and Glass railings. 
Our aluminium systems are functional and of high quality, offering a multitude of different solutions for each application. The goal being to offer top quality products at competitive prices.  -Folding Aluminium Enclosures. This system provides total weather sealing and the maximum free space when the doors are folded. We can supply curved enclosures. Among the 20 series on offer, there are series for cold climates, with thermal bridge break, a reinforcement column, Majorcan shutters, etc.We test air permeability, water sealing and wind resistance. -Sliding Glass Walls. Designed for transparency and not to alter visibility. We offer series with a storage or parking area, glass sliding panels and installation without a lower frame. -Retractable Roofs: Our motorised roofs we can achieve the widest span between tracks in the market. They can include LED lighting and a reinforced aluminium structure.Great ideas need the backing of a great team. AIRCLOS is here to help you to implement your projects. - Glass railing: This new system is a glass balustrade system that stands out mainly due to its great flexibility and its impressive resistance thanks to features such as built-in drainage.

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Juan Pablo II
12003 Castelló De La Plana


La mejor tienda para cerrar tu terraza. Tienen una exposición de más de 200 m2. Ofrecen múltiples productos, para adaptarse a lo que necesitas: puertas plegables, cortinas de cristal, techos motorizados...etc Yo he comprado una mosquitera plisada y césped artificial para mi terraza y estoy muy contenta con el resultado final.
about 2 months ago
Mi terraza ha quedado genial, muy contenta con mis puertas plegables.
over 5 years ago
La empresa LAVERANDA10 se ha caracterizado desde sus orígenes por especializarse en sistemas especiales de carpintería de aluminio, productos de la más alta calidad e innovadores. Se esfuerzan por la eficacia, innovación, dinamismo y aprovechamiento adecuado de los medios que el avance tecnológico genera.
over 4 years ago