The architects Mafalda Ribeiro Ambrósio and João Gomes Leitão, founders of the atelier of the cardoso, worked for 5 years in Madrid, collaborating with several workshops: Mansilla + Tuñón, José María Sánchez García, Brut Deluxe and Sancho Madridejos.

The opportunity to work in workshops that even today privilege participation in competitions, recognizing it as a platform for experimenting ideas and concepts, a model of how to do architecture, was both an enriching experience.

At the same time, they developed independent activity, having participated in several competitions, where they obtained some honorable mentions (Europan10 in Lisbon, Experimenta Design'09 / Galp for the bridge cycling and pedestrian on the 2nd circular). They also conquered a presence in the exhibition and catalog, as finalists of the competition of the Triennial of architecture of Lisbon'10, House in Luanda: Patio and Pavilion.

Returned to Lisbon in 2010, they embrace the project of the atelier do cardoso. They continue to participate in national and international competitions and, in 2014, win the invitation competition for Casa Acreditar do Porto.

Rehabilitation is also a theme that the studio develops with particular attention. In times of crisis, it is an activity with potential, in which the studio is positioned with a posture of providing value-added service. With several rehabilitation works underway in the Lisbon area, an exhaustive work follow-up and high cost control are factors that are considered fundamental in the service they provide to their clients.

Rua da Imprensa nacional nº36
1250-126 Lisboa