iSTUDIO Architecture


Based in Mumbai, iSTUDIO architecture is a collaboration of architects, open to experiments and innovation in architecture and design.

Refusing to cater to any typology of architecture,  iSTUDIO strives to respond to each project contextually be it clients requirements or site demands. Thus considering project circumstances, the firm gets involved in all aspects of the project- design, costing, selection of contractors, site execution and site supervision. We believe that architecture has an essential impact on every aspect of society and must be used responsibly. Each partner, having a background of alternative technologies and study of traditional methods and materials, contributes to the firm ideology and design with his or own experience. Experimentation in combining traditional methods of construction with innovations in technology gives our structures a rootedness in the local context, yet manifests a contemporary spirit in its interpretation. The levels of interaction between the client, the architects and the contractors vary in each project as per the client's requirements, demands, needs and budget. We aim to combine each aspect and present the client a design with complete solutions and possibilities. Each partner approaches the projects with a different attitude and tackles design issues as per his or her priority resulting in more comprehensive and resolved design solution. The role of each partner changes for each site. Each project goes through vigorous discussions and design sessions. The final product is the result of different approaches evolved into a design. Each project undergoes design analysis by partners individually and together. This ensures innovative  and refined solutions for all projects iStudio architecture is the result of a thought, a belief, an idea of architecture and design between partners- Shriya Parasrampuria, Prashant Dupare & Amit Patil- batchmates from Sir J.J college of architecture, Mumbai. With three different personalities, the partners believe that analysis and debate create a better design always.

G4, Building 19, Highland residency, Kolshet road
400607 Dhokali, Thane West