Sharyn Dunn


New project

By using the simplicity of the single form and multiplying it into many different sculptured structures, this gallery shows some of the many designs that can be achieved, displaying its possibilities and innovation. Some of the same concepts have also been applied to body jewellery and books.

By manipulating and joining the shape differently in a more organic and unfettered way, these pieces can be attached to walls and objects giving the impression that they “grow” across the wall or around free standing structures adding further dimensions to its strong visual and rhythmic appeal. 

The use of various papers or paper like materials help to give a different more ambient effect with the quality of the light being softer or sharper where necessary. The free standing pieces are mounted on aluminium and steel frames which are purpose built for them. The wall pieces can be mounted in various ways, either on Perspex/acrylic or if preferred on a denser material.

Individual commissions are available and welcomed as each piece is an original with a selection ranging in size for any environment or wall space – with prices starting from £195.00.  Bracelets are from £35.00 - please contact me for further details.

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United Kingdom