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HEINDL safes are engineered and manufactured in Germany and Switzerland. Our safes meet the highest security levels and fire protection requirements worldwide. 


For our exclusive safes, a special patented filling compound in the body and door makes our safes among the most secure according to the VDS security grades. This unique compound allows for an extraordinary light weight construction, and is highly resistant against burglary attempts with mechanical or thermal tools. Each safe comes ready for floor anchoring with certified anchoring hardware. In addition, our highest security safes come prepared for the installation of an optional alarm system. 


Our exclusive safes with their special patented filling in the body and door, together with the four-sided fire frame, ensures protection from fire and hot gases up to 2750 °C for 120 minutes. In addition, the fire protection insulation seal around the door protects the safe contents from water and powder. This is the best way to keep your jewelry, precious metals, important documents, personal pictures, and memorabilia safe.


We are proud to be one of the first to offer a fingerprint lock system verified for high security safes. The tempered sensor scans the finger, despite varying hand temperatures.   Our high security electronic lock systems offer many safety features while preventing unauthorized access, and are easy to use. The door construction is equipped with solid locking bolts on all three sides, and a solid and rigid fit on the hinge side.  

INTERIOR LED lights on the inside light up automatically when opening the safe door. Electronic watch winders allow continuous movement for your precious timepieces, while securely locked away. Convenient push-to-open drawers allow easy access to your valuables. The handcrafted interiors are a symbiosis of a variety of exotic wood finishes combined with the finest leather or suede lining.   Whether it is a combination of your favorite colors, gold or chrome plating, engravings, or the individually planned interior made of the finest wood from the Black Forest in Germany, our specialists will assist you in creating your personal masterpiece.The founder of HEINDL GERMANY, Mr. Thomas Heindl, has many years of experience in the safe business. He has advised customers all over the world, ranging from private residences to royal palaces, from recreational hunters to corporate businesses.

Through continuous research on safe technology and in cooperation with high-end interior designers around the world, HEINDL GERMANY is proud to offer its customers the best safe quality combined with countless options of customization to meet each individual taste. Investing in a safe is a matter of trust. Don’t leave anything up to chance!

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