Radice In Movimento


Creating unique and original designworks by hand, starting from tree trunks and roots; this is the mission of RadiceinMovimento. Once I have found the root of a dead tree, I start with my imagination and creativity to model what many see only as a banal log of wood now unusable and I transform it into an elegant and functional work. Every crack, every grain, every shape suggests me an always different idea to develop, to experiment. My works represent the evolution, the "movement" of the root that evolves from a simple natural element into a unique piece of furniture. My work is pure craftsmanship, I mold everything completely by hand. The results have different characteristics that can be adapted to different environments and styles. The tree from which each root comes, gives its name to the line of works made with that particular type of wood. I also work with roots that already belong to the client, transforming what for them is a memory into a new element that thus keeps the memory alive.

via turati 4
00063 Campagnano Di Roma (Rm)
+39-3392587410 www.radiceinmovimento.it


Giovanni é stato molto disponibile e ha capito subito le mie esigenze di spazio. Mi ha realizzato un bellissimo Coffee table in legno di ulivo. Tutti mi chiedono dove io l'abbia acquistato! Sono molto soddisfatta.
over 1 year ago
Project date: May 2020
Ho acquistato una lampada come arredo per il mio negozio. Molto soddisfatto. Articolo conforme all’ordine. Ben rifinito e di qualità. Stimola la curiosità nei clienti che spesso fanno i complimenti e mi chiedono dove l’ho presa. L’ho sfruttata molto anche in vetrina sempre per catturare l’attenzione. Un oggetto di design originale e ecosostenibile. 
over 1 year ago
Project date: April 2021