Japanese Garden Concepts


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We specialize in designing and creating Japanese and oriental/Balinese gardens of all kinds.
Japanese design principles can be blended with and applied very effectively to all contemporary genres of landscaping including indigenous gardens (eg: ‘Afro-Zen’) to create functional gardens that truly make a statement. General landscaping projects also undertaken. Sourcing and supply of all ornamentation and materials (eg. Rocks, stone, pebbles, gravels, trellises, etc) In these stressful and hurried times, there is a very real need for a special, quiet place where one can retreat to in order to relax, look within and recharge one's physical and spiritual batteries. However, as time is so precious, the opportunities to achieve this tranquillity are few and far between. The key is to create a beautiful area, indoors or outdoors, where a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere can be achieved. The aim of Japanese Garden Concepts is to assist people in creating just such a harmonious atmosphere, whether it is in the domestic or corporate environment.

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