Luova 創研俬.集
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創研俬 集



對於設計發想大膽思考, 以正統的歷史觀點,結合當代時下的感念,創作出屬於項目的獨一無二


透過滿足需求、堅持理念、富想像力、多元化的精神, 賦予項目視、味、嗅、聽、觸更多的五感衝擊



創研俬”的理念,””合的優質團隊,不僅留心聆聽客戶需求,對空間.比例.色彩.及細部實用性有獨到及精準的分析,展現各項目可塑性和創意的發揮,以求項目能力臻完美,對於項目一絲不苟的態度,配合嚴謹的專案施工,以達至最理想的設計效果。這就是,創研俬 集。


逢甲大學 建築系  

創研俬 集設計有限公司 設計總監  

中華民國室內設計協會 (CSID)  

台灣室內設計專技協會  (TnAID)  

香港室內設計師協會 (HKTDA)  

中國建築設計室內設計分會 (CIID)


創研俬集設計有限公司 LUOVA  Design Co Ltd. 104台北市中山區龍江路397巷34號1樓 1F., No.34, Ln. 397, Longjiang Rd., Zhongshan Dist�10476 Taipei City�Taiwan 電話:+886 2 27359359 傳真 : +886 2 27358937 �email:


Sensory design rational stick team. Uphold the "innovative research think" the same ideas, and create brand quality and image.

"The Creation"

For design thoughts to think boldly, to orthodox historical perspective, combining contemporary nowadays gratitude, to create a unique item belonging


Through to meet the demand, adhere to the concept, imaginative and diversified spirit, giving the project vision, taste, smell, hearing, touch more impact five senses


People-oriented, back to design ordinary and extraordinary, each project as both a personal possession

"A research furniture," the concept of "set" co-quality team, not only carefully listening to customer needs for space ratio. Color. And practicality of a unique detail and accurate analysis of each project to show plasticity and creativity play in the ability to seek project perfection, meticulous attitude to the project, with strict project construction, in order to achieve optimal design results.

That is, a research furniture set.

創研俬集設計有限公司  LUOVA  Design Co Ltd.  104台北市中山區龍江路397巷34號1樓  1F., No.34, Ln. 397, Longjiang Rd., Zhongshan Dist�10476 Taipei City�Taiwa  電話:+886 2 27359359  傳真 : +886 2 27358937  �email:                               hettp://

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