XTid Associates


Very good guys! Fast and professional ! Highly recommended
about 5 years ago
Excellent! We have hired XTid Associates for initial drawings for our project in London and the service has been brilliant. Detailed conversations with Anne & Jose have addressed many of the unknowns we were facing on the design and planning stages. The final design with their advice have saved us having to go through a lengthy (and overpriced) engagement with a traditional architecture firm. Totally recommended if you are unsure where to start.
about 5 years ago
Very effective company. They guided me through all the process since concept design to completion saving a lot of money with the contractor. I will definitely recommend them for your project.
about 5 years ago
XTid got permission for the development I wanted where other ones failed. Thank you guys!
almost 6 years ago
Excellent service. XTid Associates helped us to get planning permission with a great design.
over 7 years ago
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