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Linda did an excellent job of helping me with the interior design of my flat. At first, I had little idea of what I actually wanted, but after countless sessions over both phone & email with Linda, she had the ability to patience to understand my likes and dislikes and ultimately create a design that was my own. I am very happy with the end result and working with Linda has given me both an inner confidence and a better appreciation of the foundations of interior design. I've had nothing but compliments on how lovely my flat looks. Thank you Linda for your time, energy, and above all - patience!
over 8 years ago
Classy, considered - and patient (unlike me). Busy, so at times a little slow to respond, but finished both house interior design as well as garden landscaping to excellent standard.
over 3 years ago
I whant youer email please
about 2 years ago
We are really satisfied and delighted with both the interior design and services which David and Linda from LLI Design provided to us. We bought our new flat earlier 2012 and LLi Design (Previously called Light and Space) provided us the design for the Living room. Linda came in person to see our flat once and provided a beautiful design within the next few weeks. She was very thoughtful and paid attention to all the details of our own preferences, and patiently modifies every single detail after our discussion each time. And her taste and understanding of furniture is extraordinarily good! The really surprise came was the final design box arrival. They’ve wrapped it as a Xmas gift in a really fancy precious box, within it, it’s included everything and yet the design is totally personalised to fit your home! The box gave you the instruction of the colour of your room, which furniture goes to where, why she chooses this furniture for you, why she designed your home like this, just everything! The after service was also a really pleasant enjoyment, they are not treating you as you are the past customer, they treat you as friends with real care, and at least we feel it that way. We had few problems with the furniture seller and both of them were not easy task at all. David had put all the effort on it as if it was his own problem, and resolved both of them smoothly! The whole experience is just a full enjoyment for us and we are just lucky to have them with us. Strongly recommend any one who is looking for interior design!
almost 9 years ago
Recently worked on the interiors of my sisters house, living room, kitchen, bathroom, master suite ect. top notch work and attention to detail - Would recommend Linda and her team to anybody.
almost 9 years ago
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