Casa Più Arredamenti


Casa Più Arredamenti was founded by Renato Pallaro in 1994 near Venice after many years of experience in the furniture industry. His great passion for interior design was transmitted to his daughter Letizia, who joined her father bringing new ideas and giving an added value to every environment by studying all aspects of every room for both luxury hotels and residences worldwide. Casa Più Arredamenti comes as a concrete response to the demands of a public that does not want to give up the sophistication and the quality of the Made in Italy in the custom-made furnishings. The attention to the sinuous but designed forms, the carefully handpicked wood and hand finishing are the starting for offering quality products, unique in both style and elegance.

Via Loreggiola 6
35010 Loreggia


Renato and Letizia have followed us step by step in the realization of our kitchen. We have been demanding and fussy customers but they have managed to satisfy us in everything, always present and available very quickly. The first time we entered the store it was love at first sight with the kitchen we had been looking for so long, but Renato and Letizia did not just "sell us furniture", they helped us create a fundamental part of Home. The attention to detail, the warm set-ups, the kindness, the perennial availability and of course quality furniture and a non-obvious style are the features that we have loved most about this store and the people who lead it with so much passion. Thank you!
about 3 years ago
I recommend this company to all the people who, like us, do not have very clear ideas on how to furnish a home, a family staff that immediately puts you at ease and, above all, something that is fading away in recent years, they know how to do their job really well !!! !!! from a tailor-made kitchen design we relied on their advice and their products to furnish all the rooms ... and I can assure you that the result was perfect !!!! Thanks Renato & Letizia
over 3 years ago
I was really satisfied. Quality materials and finishes, after years it is still as good as new!
about 1 year ago