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SPACE ATELIER is a diverse, creative practice that specializes in designing interior environments.

“The key to our creative process is to provide something new and inspiring that captures and surprises the senses. It is our philosophy to produce unique individual holistic design results that are reflective of the client and/or the brand.”   With considerable experiences delivering projects within residential, retail and corporate SPACE ATELIER was formed to equate itself to the customization of interior design to suit each individual project.   At SPACE ATELIER we believes all facets of design are essential in delivering a successful project; our studio has collaborated with like-minded Designers, Architects & skilled work men to achieve outstanding results.   Our approach aims to create design spaces that are not only of sophisticated form, but are refined in detail and concerned with bringing the qualities of the client personality and individual brand into the design and project. We approaches each project individually and constantly seeks new and innovative ways to approach and solve design needs.  We also take advantage of opportunities that are unique to each project.

6 harper road Leong huat building #05-07
369674 Singapore


During the initial shortlisting process, San Ng and Space Atelier were the ones that we felt the most comfortable with in terms of being able to align their vision with ours. We were working off of a specific budget but also had certain requirements and San was able to take all of this into consideration. This proved to be the case after we made the selection as San was professional throughout the entire process, willing to take into our input and ideas but also showing his creativity and expertise. It was actually refreshing to find an ID here in Singapore that could be in sync with what we had envisioned, given that such color schemes are probably more popular in Western countries. San embraced the challenge and we really felt that he delivered on what we were after as part of this engagement. There were some hiccups prior to the final handover, as well as some touch-ups that needed to be done particularly with regards to the fixtures. However, San was very hands on during the entire process to ensure that this was addressed promptly. Overall, we were thrilled with our decision, and San/Space Atelier really delivered on the expectations. Thank you for making this happen during this difficult period with COVID related disruptions and all.
2 months ago
Long story short, Annie is really professional and meticulous about the project. My husband and I have a theme and some ideas in mind, but it was Annie who pieced what we have in mind into reality. With professional advice and her flair for design, we were able to transform the unit we bought into a lovely industrial-themed home with nice touches to it. Annie was always prompt to answer our queries, and told us what to watch out for when we set out to get items for our home. She was also able to advise us on many things like what kind of appliances to get, what colours to match our home's design etc. For changes that we requested, she would advise us if the change(s) were not suitable. She would tell us what are the possible problems that may pop up and double check with us if we were to go ahead with the requests. Annie was able to keep to our budget as much as she could, as she understands our financial constraints. Despite having the constraints, she as still able to come up a design that we love! We were pleasantly surprised by what she has presented to us in reality!
2 months ago
Probably as of now. Most had undergo the same horrid experience with this firm alrdy. Phantom ID, owner self monitor works, probably owner went down more often than the ID..cos we all know IDs are always “busy with other projects” while owners are “jobless”... What’s is the point of doing service recovery when works already finished? How do you recover the amount of time lost by the owner to self monitor the works? If ID were on top of things, we wouldn’t need to visit the site so much more often...The amount of sleepless nights and agony that phantom ID had caused us...for the sake of ur future clients...pls manage ur IDs properly and stop chasing for service recovery... Dated 16 April 2021 Stop chasing for service recovery Dated 19 April 2021 Stop chasing for service recovery and manage ur IDs properly. Dated 2 May 2021
3 months ago
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