Raul Garcia Studio


Know how to transmit; listening; learn from each proposed new challenge, predisposed to leave the 'comfort zone', with the certainty that this is the only way to go further and dare to go beyond is the only way to get the best of each project. Taking care of the detail and lovingly watching the final result, as if each element of the project was a unique and exclusive work of art made to measure.

Well that's the architecture: Anthropometric art.

Avenida Peris y Valero, 50
46006 Valencia, España
+34-616688570 www.raulgarcia-studio.com


almost 2 years ago
over 2 years ago
Estudio de arquitectura top. Alto nivel tanto para hacer los proyectos como para poder adaptarse al gusto y necesidades del cliente. Muy recomendable. Gracias!
over 2 years ago