Environment Response Architecture


Environment Response Architecture (ERA Architects) is an experienced and award winning architectural practice providing specialised expertise on architectural projects with an environmental agenda, green architecture and sustainable development. ERA Architects was founded in early 2001 by Ken Stucke; the sole director.

ERA Architects won the Enviropaedia 2013 Eco-Innovation award for its project House Jones. Situated in the heart of Johannesburg, this home can operate completely independently of the Johannesburg City Council, by generating its own electricity, collecting and storing its own water and recycling its sewerage for irrigation purposes. The house is a luxury example of high comfort performance and aesthetic living with a seamless relationship between indoors and outdoors. The home has received significant publicity including television and magazine features.

ERA Architects was the design architect for a low-energy office development in Lusaka, (value US$20m), and the architect for the United Nations Sustainability Award winning project, the Johannesburg Eco-City in Ivory Park.

ERA Architects was the environmental and low-energy specialist in several other projects, including the winning proposal for the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) new campus in Pretoria.

Ken has also worked hands on as a contractor in various countries, ranging from France and England to Botswana and South Africa. This length and breadth of experience has provided him with a firm grasp of the environmental and technological issues at work in the construction industry.

Ken has been asked to be part of several expert critique panels and workshops, asked to review the design proposals or establish project briefs. These include the Greenhouse Project in Johannesburg; a high profile project with government and municipal backing as part of the drive to revive the city center, and the CSIR‟s Centre for Alternative Technology project in Pretoria.

Ken has published papers in technical journals, including The New Headquarters for Low energy Building Design in a Hot Dry Climate, (Ken Stucke & Rik Leus. Botswana Journal of Technology Vol. 10 No. 1 April 2001), and contributed to articles in various publications; including Urban Green File & Enviropaedia. He has also presented various papers at conferences over the years, including the ISES Solar Academy in Johannesburg 2002, and the Demand Side Management Impact conference in Pretoria 2002.

Ken was sponsored by SIDA, the Swedish aid agency, to assist in a training course in Sweden focusing on furthering professional expertise in low-energy buildings and thermal simulation software; Dynamic Energy Response Of Buildings (DEROB).

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