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Studio Marco Piva Modern Living Room
Studio Marco Piva Modern Living Room
Studio Marco Piva Modern Living Room

In the center of the historic “Fiera Milano” district, overlooking the new public park, there is the apartment for which Marco Piva has been assigned of designing  the interior design (internal architecture, lighting-design and furniture).

The apartment is developed according to specific housing needs of the client, established in the first design phase.

The request stated that there should be two main bedrooms, plus one for the maid and a studio, that could be used also as a guest room.

Each bedroom had to be served by a private bathroom.

To meet the customers' passion for cooking and music, the project also had to reserve two important and technologically advanced spaces for cultivate this passions.

The objective was to achieve a sophisticated elegance for any environment, which are simple and functional, but at the same time rich in details that emphasize the exclusivity and sophistication of the overall project.

A careful chromatic research was made, selecting contemporary but not invasive colors: a trend-color range that doesn’t go out of fashion with the passage of time.

For the furniture choice, the request was for an absolutely contemporary sign, as in Studio Marco Piva DNA, to be achieved by selecting the best of Italian production, both from the point of view of the quality of the products that of their functionality within the home context.

From the very beginning has been given an indication that antique furniture belonging to the family, such as art pieces, paintings and Persian carpets would be brought within the new home.

So there was, both from the chromatic than furniture’s point of view, a careful research focused on the dualism old / contemporary, to integrate the historic pieces  with the contemporary ones in a fluid and natural way.

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