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eclectic  by ARREX LE CUCINE, Eclectic
eclectic  by ARREX LE CUCINE, Eclectic
eclectic  by ARREX LE CUCINE, Eclectic

The bon ton is a fundamental secret which helps us to live in a easier way. Why having doubts? Why having indecisions? Any situation can be faced with elegance and simplicity. That’s the main idea of Officina Design (brand of Arrex Le Cucine) when BON TON was imagined.  

The traditional wood working, the particular love for the Made in Italy, the elegant, pure, minimalist design, the technology used in the smallest details are the main characteristics of this kitchen which performs the rules of the bon ton in a modern way.   

Evolution Table is  the main character of the kitchen, a practical and functional island to cook, to talk with the guests while preparing good plates, equipped with hidden pantry units, cooking top, sink… a new way of living. Thanks to  BON TON the kitchen is the only place where family, friends, children meet together to have breakfast, lunch, to chat with the best friend or to study while someone is preparing the dinner.

At first sight the design of Bon Ton seems very simple. The columns are in natural oak and in oak lacquered in white. Inside the centre column there are oven and fridge.  The side with open elements is very useful: books, flowers or other elements can decorate your kitchen.  

Evolution table is the centre element of the kitchen. Evolution table, a name which means everything. It is the future of a young and welcoming kitchen, expression of a pure design. The top is in satin stainless steel and natural oak. A openable side of the top discloses a sink, a tap, a cooking top, a hood. In the centre area of the top there are two hidden units that arise with a electric motion through a remote control.

Evolution table discloses also a useful snack top. The base units have deep drawers with TIP ON opening. The island has a base in mirror finish.

Silver, oak and white are the three colours of BON TON. This kitchen is the expression of the new habits of today’s family people which often meets in the kitchen. The big table of the past becomes now Evolution Table, an element  that maintains the values of the tradition: the table is again the home hearth.

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