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The Pigna Light Shade, with its dense core, captures something of nature’s complexity. Soft light and dramatic contours set this shade apart.

The name Pigna, ‘pine cone’ in Italian, has been chosen for this shade’s distinctive form, which conjures the feel of a pine forest – morning light seeping through branches.

The Pigna was designed and developed in the UK and is made in England.

Large Pigna measures 40cm x 40cm x 34cm

Small Pigna measures 34cm x 34cm x 26cm

Brilliant white translucent polypropylene sheet is the material used to create this sculptural light shade, a material chosen for its quality, durability and recyclability. It is guaranteed to last you a lifetime.

Specially designed recyclable polypropylene rivets are used to hold the light shade together – in fact it would be impossible to create the clean curves and shapes without these vital components.

The Pigna Light Shade is delivered flat-packed in 90% recycled packaging and 10% FSC accredited board for self-assembly, saving space during transit and thereby reducing carbon emissions.

However, if you prefer, we can assemble it for you.

To be used with a 60-watt equivalent energy saving bulb only.

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