The project is developed on a lake with a gorgeous view. The walls are made of concrete blocks and the roof is surfaced with a soft, designs complement the facade of the monolith, and lined with plaster.The peculiarity lies in the fact that the area is located away from highways and most importantly neighbors. All fence made far enough away from the house and therefore no such feeling of confined space on the reservation, but rather a feeling of complete freedom with the appropriate security level. The house itself is organically integrated into the existing landscape so that being essentially a 2-storey structure in fact works as a house with an open space in one plane. The lower part is the only entrance and there is an entrance hallway and a small utility room.block. So going up a spiral staircase we immediately find ourselves in the center of the house. The planning solution is at once simple and very convenient to use every square meter. On more than a hundred square metres managed to fit quite a spacious master bedroom with dressing room and bathroom, separate nursery , study, separate bathroom and living room-kitchen in a Studio. Panoramic Windows in the Studio is essentially the center of the composition, no complicated coatings on the walls in the interior is not provided, the main Symphony orchestra plays the view from the window. Or the morning in solitude a cup of coffee and morning press behind the bar you sit and admire the spreading  fog over the lake, or in the evening after a hard day on the sofa with a glass of brandy, watching the sunset, what more do you need?

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