A low-maintenance entertaining space Lush Garden Design Modern Garden
A low-maintenance entertaining space Lush Garden Design Modern Garden

Our clients had a clear idea of what they wanted – a clean, white, contemporary relaxation/entertainment area with raised planting, a water feature and a means of screening the existing traditional wooden fencing. Being a working couple with little experience of gardening we devised a relatively maintenance-free garden with a lawn of artificial grass.

The plot was a typical new-build back garden; small (10m x 5m), unimaginative and uninspiring. Our scheme features polished sandstone paving, hardwood deck and seating area with integrated storage, spot lighting, a water blade feature and the artificial lawn. The planting, which was split over two years to spread the cost, incorporates a palette of acid green and purple, with sculptural grasses, two young trees and a small Acer palmatum purpurea ‘Dissectum’.

During the second year of planting we added 150 tulips in cream, pink and a deep plum colour, to complement Heuchera ‘Blackberry Jam’, and 50 Alliums in a cerise/purple. The rest of the planting design is centred on the strong architectural shapes of Phormium, Acer and Miscanthus, which create dynamic lines against the white rendered walls, especially at night with the integral spotlighting.

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