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illichmann-architecture Modern Houses
illichmann-architecture Modern Houses
illichmann-architecture Modern Houses

The idea of the client was a
home for a family of five persons, which integrates the surrounding environment and the change of the seasons. The building is therefore orientated to the sun and not to the plot boundary. The rising sun is in the kitchen and in some of the bedrooms, during the day there is sunlight in the main rooms of the house and in the evening sun reaches selected places. By situating the building at the adequate elevation, an attractive view of the landscape is created viewable from an atrium on the east side of the building; additionally the atrium and landscape provide sun to the rooms on the east side of the cellar.

Primarily the ground floor is one huge open space with different zones for cooking, dining and living. Additionally there is an office and some service rooms on this floor. Due to the many floor to ceiling windows there is a great connection between the inside and the outside. Upstairs there are the places of retreat, the bed- and bathrooms.

The north facing wall is made of bricks and the other walls are designed multilayered with natural ventilation.

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