Sliding Door Wardrobe Company Leicester The Leicester Kitchen Co. Ltd
Sliding Door Wardrobe Company Leicester The Leicester Kitchen Co. Ltd
Sliding Door Wardrobe Company Leicester The Leicester Kitchen Co. Ltd

Sliding door fitted wardrobes are one of our most popular fitted wardrobes for a reason. 

In fact, there are a number of reasons why they are popular.

Perfect for Creating Space 

Sliding Door Fitted Wardrobes.Space Saving.  

Fitted to the exact space you have set aside, sliding door fitted wardrobes allow you to gain extra space that doesn’t need to be left for hinged doors.

Saving floor space.  

There is no need to sacrifice floor space to your wardrobe. Sliding doors do not take up any extra space in your room opening doors, rather they are built into your wall using easy to slide panels.

Larger wardrobe space.  

Sliding door fitted wardrobes make full use of wardrobe space. Without using extra space for hinged doors you have access to the full interior of your wardrobe for shelving space, rails and even a compartment for your shoes.

Choice of Design  

A sliding wardrobe comes with a range of styles, colours and finishes, including patterned and coloured glass, different styles of trim and a range of materials. 

Custom fit.  

Remove any space that may be at the top of your wardrobe collecting dust. Rather a sliding door fitted wardrobe will fit into almost any space perfectly. 

Contemporary Style.  

Nearly all sliding door fitted wardrobes have a contemporary style. With a stylish, sleek and gloss finish you can personalise the wardrobe doors to match the rest of your bedroom.

Sliding Door Fitted Wardrobes are an Investment 

Wardrobe Interiors.Add value.  High quality sliding door fitted wardrobes offer a fantastic opportunity to boost the value of your home. Just like fitted kitchen furniture and luxury living room furniture, fitted bedroom furniture is an appealing and attractive proposition that attracts positive attention. 

High quality. 

Sliding wardrobes, just like all of The Leicester Kitchen Co's made to measure fitted bedroom furniture, are made to the highest quality. Using the finest materials and contemporary styles, our sliding door fitted wardrobes offers luxury and exclusivity to your home.

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