Feng shui tips for childrens bedrooms Feng Shui, the energy connection
Feng shui tips for childrens bedrooms Feng Shui, the energy connection
  1. generally, young children's bedrooms are colourful and filled with toys ,books etc. it is not a good idea to have too many bright colours in the bedroom, as they are not restful, and toys need to be placed in toy boxes at night.
  2. in teenagers bedrooms the same applies, and also to do your best to keep the electronics equipment out of the bedroom. if this is not possible, do put the equipment off at the wall. cell / mobile phones should not be allowed in the bedroom at night, children put them under their pillows, this is a recipe for illness either now or later. have a normal battery alarm clock in the bedroom.
  3. Have a picture of the family in the bedroom. avoid unhappy pictures, this has a psychological influence on people.
  4. A bedside light is good. if possible, keep the room dark at night.
  5. Children ideally ought to be in bed by 9 and latest 10, as the body produces melatonin in that time. (melatonin is the sleep hormone.)
  6. Avoid mirrors in the bedroom. if they are in the room, do cover them with a cloth.
  7. Avoid having the children's heads near a plug point. if this cannot be avoided, then use a small tourmaline, rose quartz or an amethyst on the plug point. if this is not possible. cover the plug point with aluminium foil. this blocks the electrical corona
  8. Bunk beds are not ideal. if this is not avoidable, the hang a crystal from the top bunk to syphon off the energy.
  9. Please don't have a Wi-Fi router near a child's bedroom. this is disaster for their health. in fact, do put the Wi-Fi off at night to help the children and adults health and sleep.
  10. Avoid, a bed where the child's feed are in line of the open bedroom door, if this is not avoidable, put a bookcase or something between the bed and the door. the same is if you open the door and the head of bed is in the line of the door, then put something inbetween the head and the door to shield the head from the incoming door energy.

Avoid, if possible, having a bed under a low window. if this is unavoidable, do have a solid blind so the person feels secure.

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