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Garage façade Modern Garage and Shed by FG ARQUITECTES Modern
Garage façade Modern Garage and Shed by FG ARQUITECTES Modern
Garage façade Modern Garage and Shed by FG ARQUITECTES Modern

Location: Cabrera de Mar, Barcelona

Client-Developer: Private

Project: 2008

Production: 2010

Area: 172,65 m2, 235,98 m2, 250,20 m2, 279,80 m2

Ref. 05587

Building in parts

Naturalized swimming pool

Natural pool in the garden of a house. Which consists of a natural purification system with an organic aesthetic, which involved a sinuous shape of the pool and natural elements; sand, stone, wood, plants. It creates a dialogue between the garden and the natural pool so that it is absolutely integrated into the landscape.  

Parking for 10 cars

Garage for 10 cars in a garden of a house. The program involves a construction of an important volume. We decided to integrate the building in the field on the topography and slope of the same. This brings up just a front that forms the square of arrival of the cars. The rest of the building is buried in the ground. They have the cars, 2 by 2 with an access door for every 2 cars. From the entrance to the estate, construction, only visible at the wedges that appear on the ground, like a brush, and light transparent balustrade that crowns the facade of the building only.

Barbecue and outdoor pool

The assignment is to retrieve an old pool, adapt to new materials and create a BBQ area next to it, with a small kitchen and a wooden bench that is what becomes the perimeter wall that closes the area. All covered by a wooden pergola. It is paved with wooden parquet flooring, the barbecue area and the edges of the pool, to glue together and to be understood as a single space. 

Indoor pool

Construction of a swimming pool in the basement, with access from the house and garden. Existing terraces were excavated in front of the house and all the land under it to find a new communications hub linking throughout. Due to the slope of the land, the facade of the basement appears as an element that emerges from the ground, become a transparent façade that grows inside to the views, almost without limit. Through the large window is a significant source of natural light.

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