By monoceros interarch solutions asian wood wood effect | homify

With the increasing popularity of sit-in cafes and refreshing place , we have designed this cafe with a new concept of CARNIVAL with colorful umbrellas, artificial grass, carnival lights, enlightened signage board, bright and wooden furniture. Completing this cafe is a target with the space and time, it was developed on the roof of shops below with 900sft area and with 50 seating with lots of variation to give it a carnival feel. When seeing time of possession this cafe was completed within 2 weeks with all designing an execution. Seating here with some colorful and wooden furniture with umbrellas hanging above , enlightened with vintage lights bold signage board during night, artificial grass flooring gives the feeling that we are seating apart from crowded city. With this concept seating is designed in such way that from single person to a group of person can come and enjoy the feel of cafe.

Colour: Multicolored
Material: Wood
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