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In the heart of Mecca; one of the most sacred cities in Saudi Arabia, a Residential building was designed to provide comfy living concept as well it provides shelter to the people against high humidity and temperature.

It also provides varying degrees of privacy.

MECCA RESIDENCE consists of 5 stories housing 9 apartments and a duplex, in addition to an underground parking that can take up to 12 vehicles. The units embrace 2 internal courts with vertical garden on each floor. The courtyard is a common feature in deserted areas; it was used to enhance thermal comfort inside each apartment, creating naturally illuminated spaces and at the same time maintaining the privacy. The plant boxes on each floor in the courtyard in front of the openings also contribute to improve the micro weather.

The Ground floor houses two apartments and a studio. Typical floors contain 3 apartments each; areas vary from 150 to 185 square meter. The client wanted a Duplex for his own family. He wanted a space that was fun, full of light and more of an open plan. On the duplex ground floor we divided the plan into a semi-public open half, and the second half was the private one. The semi-public part includes all spaces that may involve guests like the dining room, a double height living area and a Majlis which is a living area for men only. The upper floor in the duplex has a roof garden with a small pool for parties and gatherings.Every form, space and indoor circulation is shaped by people's habits and traditions. In order to respect the visual privacy, the outward looking windows retract creating a space for plant boxes adding depth and improving environmental quality.The Double skin facade consists of glass windows on the inside and perforated wall of bricks and greenery on the outside. The perforated Brick arrangement creates a stunning effect of shadow and light inside the spaces and at the same time provides visual and heat comfort for residents. The use of bricks connects the new and old together.The Materials are kept very simple, using mainly concrete, wood ,perforated clay bricks and charcoal black steel frames. The use of steel frames, perforated skin , different shades of materials and plant pots placed randomly create a dynamic and aesthetically pleasing facade forming the building identity.Location: Mecca, Saudi Arabia

designed by: Saif Mourad Creations

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