Living room—86th street new york modern living room by joe ginsberg design modern | homify

An expansive family duplex on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, expertly curated with an artist's eye, creating a luxurious, warm and harmonious, gallery-like environment.

A distinctive, hand-made, artisan interior, filled with custom architectural appointments; each feature crafted to reflect the individual personalities of the family.

Entering the double-height living room, the crystal and hand-blown glass chandelier takes center stage. A traditional design with a contemporary edge, it features whimsical animals that playfully reveal themselves and can be more closely observed from the second floor mezzanine.

Approaching each project as a painter, artisan and sculptor, allows Joe Ginsberg to deliver an aesthetic that is guaranteed to remain timeless in our instant age.

Colour: Grey
Credits: Joe Ginsberg Design
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