Startup Roger Hannah & Co Office buildings Metal Grey
Startup Roger Hannah & Co Office buildings Metal Grey
Startup Roger Hannah & Co Office buildings Metal Grey

Building a winning team is a vital step when starting out in the world of business. In your first two years, the skills and merit of your employees will either help to build a solid business or cause no end of strife. It’s a two-edged sword and one that you need to finely balance in order to help push your startup into the future.

So, how can you help to make your hiring process smarter as a new startup to help ensure the success of your business?

Every Hire is Important

There’s no such thing as a ‘casual’ hire when it comes to your startup. The fact is, that, every person you bring into your business at the startup stage can make or break you. It sounds dramatic, but it’s the truth you need to face in the first stages of your startup life. So, making sure that you complete each hire with the utmost attention to detail and care is vital.

Identify Your Ideal Candidate

Knowing who you want to hire is one thing, but knowing what they bring to the table for your business is another thing entirely. Especially as what may be suitable for a typical business is not good for a startup; there is no room for an employee that does an okay job. You need innovators, forward-thinkers and the kind of employees that will give your startup an edge in a competitive market.

To do this, simply make a list of key job requirements that would make them an ideal hire. Then add innovative, driven and strong work ethic to that list. Ask candidates to provide evidence of these characteristics during interviews and make your hiring decisions based off of this moving forward.

Create Culture from Day One

You may have heard this one already, but company culture can have a huge impact on your hiring process. As a startup, you have a lot of room to make important decisions about the culture from day one. So, have a Friday breakfast club, give everyone their own personalised mug on day one and a half an hour later starts on Monday (the dear wish of many, many, prospective employee). Whatever you want your company to be, then make it so!

This is a smart hiring practice as it helps to make your current employees brand ambassadors. Promote a good culture that they may tell former coworkers, friends and even family about that could be great additions to your company themselves. It’s a slightly longer hiring technique than most, but it doubles as a positive step as it also helps to increase your word of mouth reputation.

Offer Job Personalization

Lots of companies say that they allow their employees to ‘make the job their own’. However, when it comes down to it that very rarely actually happens. Though a company offers freedom in a role, the employee more often than not finds themselves boxed in. As a startup, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to offer this recruitment incentive and actually mean it.

The fact is that a small level of freedom can go a long way in the workplace. Even a simple thing such as allowing someone to decorate their desk however they like on day one—given a small budget—can help to improve productivity and employee satisfaction.

Market Yourself

Though each new hire may be a risk for you, it’s also important to note that your new employee is also taking a risk. If you are a startup then you are an unknown entity. Sure, you might end up the most successful startup to ever hit the business. Then again you might not be.

Any prospective recruit is taking on that risk when they come on board with you, so it is important to acknowledge that fact. The only way help mitigate this risk for them slightly, then, is to make your startup a known entity. Market yourself in your niche, spread the word about your company and become a business that prospective hires might already be aware of.

That way, as a known entity, you are more attractive to work for and seen as less risky despite being a startup business.

Make Sure You Have Room for Growth

The worst thing that could happen is to go through a growth in employees, but not have the physical office space to match it. Of course, this does not mean investing or renting a space that is so large your business will need several years of growth to fill it. But, big enough so that several or more desks can be fitted in order to accommodate your growing number of employees.

Your startup hiring process will be much more successful if your employees think there is space for them in your business, after all. If you have niche requirements for your business space, you can always invest in commercial property agents Manchester to help find the right office or retail space for your startup and it’s new employees.

Overall, your startup hiring process can make a world of difference when it comes to the overall success of your business. For this reason, you need to ensure that your company is suitably attractive to prospective hires, as well as making sure that your candidate is the right fit for the type of office culture and overall business that you are growing. The right group of employees can make a business boom, so make sure you have the capacity to hire the very best!

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