Paladar 511-an upscale pizza restaurant in new orleans by studiowta eclectic | homify

The restaurant opened inside the Alden Mills hosiery factory, built in 1895 and in business until 1956. Used primarily as a warehouse until the 2000s, the building formerly held The ARK, a community arts collective, the Plan B Community Bike Project and Iron Rail Book Collective. The design team wanted to keep the dynamic spirit of those collectives alive in the build-out, including in the first-floor corner space that is now home to Paladar 511.

Area: 2740 m²
Price: $428,000
Credits: COLLABORATORS: Wayne Troyer-Architect, Tracie Ashe-Project Manager, Megan Bell-Designer, Jack Murphy, Susan Dunn, Ed Dunn-Owners. Photography by George Long, Neil Alexander.
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