Zeta beta tau fraternity house reconstruction modern houses by studiowta modern | homify

Top: The building was heavily damaged by two separate fires and required full replacement.

Bottom: The new expression of the building relates formally to its surrounding context: Balconies and porches reinforce the rhythm of the street fabric and exterior cladding is a combination of smooth plaster and rainscreen siding assembly. The scale and form of the project fit comfortably on the site and in the area as a whole. Balconies are all steel, clear- finished, with perforated screens for semi-privacy.

These outdoor living spaces enhance the occupants experience of the building and add to the communal atmosphere related to the sidewalk and street culture. Varied widths of siding lend an added level of texture and movement to the façade, as do subtle shifts in the blue color.

Area: 729 m²
Price: $1,800,000
Credits: Wayne Troyer-Architect: Kenyon Zimmerman-Project Manager: Tracie Ashe-Designer: Photography by Louis Perriault, Jeff Johnston, Neil Alexander
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