MA:CO house, Comoglio Architetti Comoglio Architetti Kitchen
MA:CO house, Comoglio Architetti Comoglio Architetti Kitchen

Design: Comoglio architetti
Photography: Beppe Giardino

The renovation and the interior design project of a 3rd floor apartment in a Turin outskirt building, represents the synthesis of a design investigation on minimal white spaces.
All interior rooms are characterized by the strong contrast between black and white, glossy and matt.
In the large living room there is a kitchen area, intended as a place of a shared action: “cooking”. It represents the main part of the daily life space.
Wide glazing filters natural light, reflecting it on the white walls and the furnishings, increasing its strength in contrast with the dark tone of wenge flooring.
False ceiling height connotes living room different areas (entrance, kitchen, dining area and seating area), and characterizes different types of artificial lighting. The whole furnishing of the apartment has been designed and manufactured alongside with the local craftsmen interested in research and experimentation; one example is the automatic opening of the kitchen door, which creates a playful and nice effect.
The two bathrooms, unlike the other rooms where the warm brightness of walls prevails, are settled with dark walls and furniture, in order to create a private and intimate ambience.
In the bedroom, the custom-designed bed matches with the dark tones of the floor, creating a cosy space.
Each detail has been designed aiming at minimalism and architectural simplicity, which doesn’t reflect architectural cheapness but a profound study of spaces and construction details.

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