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Ergoforge line Coltellerie Sanelli
Ergoforge line Coltellerie Sanelli
Ergoforge line Coltellerie Sanelli

The ERGOFORGE collection is a truly unique creation, as it combines blades, made using the classical traditional  system of forging with a drop hammer on incandescent bars  of special steel, with ergonomic handles based on special  research in the field. 

These are the results: 


Extremely hard  

A high degree of corrosion resistance   

A keen edge that lasts  Hand-sharpened blades, one by one 


A grip that always adheres to the user’s hand perfectly  

Just the right balance between the blade and the handle  ERGOFORGE knives are less tiring for operators’hands, even  if they are  used for a long time  

The materials used are compatible with food-stuffs Stainless steel rivets  Acetalic resin handle The Coltellerie Sanelli s.p.a. guarantees that the  ERGOFORGE collection knives are forged individually in  one piece.

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