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Eldery Residential Building Modern Houses by Atelier Lopes da Costa Modern
Eldery Residential Building Modern Houses by Atelier Lopes da Costa Modern
Eldery Residential Building Modern Houses by Atelier Lopes da Costa Modern

The project of this Residential Home consists of 60 bedrooms (of three different types) with areas for management and administrative services, staff facilities, living and activity areas, dining and service areas (kitchen, pantry, laundry and backing facilities), Health and Hydrotherapy areas and, finally, technical areas, storage rooms and garage.

The shape of the land (triangular in the construction area) and the sharp drop of the same have heavily conditioned the proposal. Therefore, we have chosen to design a building consisting of two structures which are perpendicular to each other, forming a kind of T .

The longer structure (to the South), where you can find the common areas (social and dining areas), administrative areas and most of the bedrooms, lies parallel to the slope of the land, fitting on the ground and taking advantage of the southern solar exposure and the view over the river.

This structure has 3 floors (partially 4), 2 above the ground level and 1 below (partially 2).

The second structure (to the West), has 3 floors, 2 above the ground level and one below, completely underground, where the garage is located.

The building is more closed and restrained to the north (to the street) and frankly open to the south over viewing the valley.

On the entrance floor (ground floor) were located all the reception and activity areas, the living and socializing areas, the dining areas and support services. To the West you can find the Health area with the medical office, nursing room, physiotherapy, gym, indoor pool (hydrotherapy and leisure) and backing facilities (dressing rooms and toilets).

On the 1st floor there are exclusively bedrooms and hospital support areas.

On the -1 Floor (Basement) there are 10 bedrooms and 8 suites with bedroom and living room (all in the southern structure). In the western structure were located the garage (20 seats), the individual storage rooms, the technical areas, the living areas, the assisted bathrooms and the laundry.

On the -2 Floor (sub—basement) there are 8 suites, individual storage rooms, technical areas and backing facilities.

Green areas involve the whole set integrating all the paths and shade lounging areas.


Architecture: José António Lopes da Costa, Tiago Meireles
Collaborators: Rita Gonçalves, Filipe Ribeiro Technical Specialties: Termoprojecto Project Date: 2007-2009 Construction Date: 2009-2013

Credits: Manuel Aguiar
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