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The Chefs Kitchen Papilio Modern Kitchen
The Chefs Kitchen Papilio Modern Kitchen
The Chefs Kitchen Papilio Modern Kitchen

This complete renovation of a property in Somerset allowed Matt Prall and Stephen Garland of Papilio to create a contemporary, highly personalised, open plan living space using a contrast of original materials along with new. The fully bespoke kitchen was designed with the family’s love of socialising and entertaining in mind, whilst making the spectacular view the focal point of the room.

A series of island units enable the family to move around freely and increase the amount of functional space in the room as well as storage. Each unit was created with a specific purpose in mind: cooking, preparation and a wet area. The island cabinets have been cloaked in DuPont™ Corian® with up-stands to hide any clutter from the rest of the living environment and subtle integrated appliances stay true to the sleek minimal design.

Three eye level Gaggenau ovens in the tall wall cabinets contrast with the original stonewall and a downdraft extraction unit and zoneless induction hob complete the discrete slick finish to this modern kitchen. By keeping everything at mid height, with the exception of the oven wall, the spectacular view remains the focus of the room and clever pops of colour further accentuate this.

Integrated modern technology helps to create an environment that can completely transform depending upon which part of the room is in use. A high-end lighting system has been integrated to control the colour and brightness of all the lights within the room via a hidden control centre. Music has been integrated via the same method to create an alternate ambience depending on whether the family are cooking, dining, relaxing or entertaining.

Photo Credits: Simon Plant

Credits: Photo: Simon Plant
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