Leather Chesterfield Sofa Locus Habitat Living room Sofas & armchairs
Leather Chesterfield Sofa Locus Habitat Living room Sofas & armchairs

Created with style since the 17th centuries, there is no doubt that Chesterfield sofas had earned its great history as an icon in the furniture world. Chesterfield sofa delivers a complex memoir of both elegance and tradition that have been inspiring many designers until today. The way many designers blends the vintage and contemporary furniture designs are giving a unique atmosphere of bringing out an old ambiance of the past.


With no proven fact, still many believed that tufted leather sofa was originally commissioned by the Fourth Earl of Chesterfield, Philip Dormer Stanhope, a renowned diplomat, statesman and a writer in his day. A lot of people also claimed that Chesterfield sofa has been named after the English town of Chesterfield in United Kingdom. But despite of these beliefs, the amalgam of Chesterfields classic and modern designs still continuous to grace many prominent business offices, hotels, restaurants, Gentleman's clubs, Royalty palace and lavish private homes.

Locus Habitat’s creations are utilizing the modern technique of the classic Chesterfield sofa. Made with the most traditional construction methods, the chesterfield sofas from Locus Habitat are carefully constructed with a unique hand finishing processes with meticulously leather choices, colors with designs that are more varied and up-to-date and gently finishing it by antiquing it (special way of carefully rubbing back by hand to expose the brighter base color beneath).

Investing a Chesterfield is like having a piece of history of this timeless classic piece of furniture. It is being sensitively made and the frame wood has been carefully hand-picked, cut, assembled and glued for perfection and endurance. Hence, the Chesterfield sofa from Locus Habitat is a modern piece of furniture of a timeless elegance of art.

Chesterfield sofas are being made with passion and wisdom. Delicately quilted and an upholstered furniture made by hand with quality and class. Chesterfield have been broadly applied in progressively diverse contexts at the same time, preserving their incomparable style to welcome every guests either in the lobby from luxurious hotels, modern professional offices, Gentleman’s club or private elegant homes that is perfectly designed to last a lifetime.

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