house 116 bo | bruno oliveira, arquitectura Modern Houses Solid Wood White
house 116 bo | bruno oliveira, arquitectura Modern Houses Solid Wood White

The house for the architect himself, a delicacy of volumes, the sense of scale searching the light in an intricate site.

The house is located in the central area of Estarreja, a small town that developed at the expense of industry, despite the proximity of the sea. The urban area isnt very dense considering that is a central area, this street is a mix of private and collective housing. The specific location makes the transition from villas to 4-storey buildings.

The width of the terrain and the access road at north, defined the implementation proposal. Quickly the objectives have been realized, the garage in front of the house, north and protect the view of the building to the west to ensure privacy.

The house looking for the light, in fact lives by the light, turning to the garden, the relationship indoor/outdoor omitted from the street, contrast to the closed volumes the north. Each space is invaded by the light you want.

The relationship of the volumes is subtle, touching each other gently. The pala that ensures the parallelism to the street, protects the garage, the wood tones carries on a nature trip away from the confusion that we live here.

Here the architecture lives up and sit without artificiality and merely aesthetic elements. Here certainly form follows function.

Colour: White
Material: Solid Wood
Credits: bo
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