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Stunning California beach house inspired by the horizon

Today, the architects at Hector Landgrave bring you a breathtaking beach house in California, which inspires with its interesting materials, sleek lines and amazing openness of design.

13 April, 2019

6 ideas on how to display your home accessories

Accessorizing your home can be loads of fun and it gives you the unique liberty to showcase your personal taste and design preferences. Accessories are the smaller items you use in your home that can accentuate a theme, texture and add color.

26 July, 2018

6 elegant bathroom ideas for compact spaces

In contemporary housing, small living spaces are more prevalent. It follows that with small sized homes & smaller living spaces, one must so furnish the home and utilize every possible nook to make the most out of the limited dimension dwelling.

10 creative examples for dividing small spaces

With space crunch becoming a real issue, contemporary housing is increasingly focusing on small homes. The houses that we see in the modern times are no bigger than what you need them to be and that is why a lot of experts find it challenging to…

30 June, 2018

Why adding a rug under dining table sets is a MUST

Some people swear by adding a rug to the dining room and others say it's a huge no-no, but today, we are going to tell you why we, as well as a large majority of interior designers, are firmly pro-rugs! We understand why people might be a little hesi…

Office guest room ideas that give you more bang for your US buck

It might sound a little strange, but office guest room ideas are fast becoming a seriously popular addition to any modern home. Really, it does make sense, given how much the creative industries have grown in recent years, resulting in far more peopl…

How to divide an open-plan space: 9 ideas

Homes lower on dimensions benefit immensely from the absence of walls. Small apartments with an open-plan space layout help the owners have different functional spaces within the limited area.

The ultimate guide to understanding engineered wood floors

Choosing the right flooring for every room in the home doesn't have to be a challenge, as professional floorers are now singing the praises of some innovative and stylish options that fall under the mantle of engineered wood floors.

15 entrance hall table styles to marvel at

We all know that the entrance hall in a home is the key to making a great first impression on guests, but how do you know which elements to really focus on and invest in? Well, ask any talented interior designer and they'll tell you that the table or…

Organize your clothes: 10 creative and effective ways to store and hang your clothes

When it comes to clothes and storage, sometimes we have to be creative, especially if space in our homes is scarce. No-one wants visible clutter, but keeping things hidden can sometimes be a problem—especially if you have a lot of clothes, shoes an…

22 June, 2018