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10 modern bathrooms with fabulous showers

We all know the benefits of showers and how they can help save legroom in a bathroom and make the entire space more practical. But let’s not forget that any bathroom, just like any other room in the home, must also possess a sturdy amount of visual s…

11 December, 2019

Stay stylish with these 6 interior design trends for 2020

With every year there’s a new batch of design ideas considered “hot”, “in”, or just plain trendy – and 2020 is no exception. And since this is homify, we’ve kept our ears firmly on the ground to ensure you (whether you’re a devoted trend follower or…

05 December, 2019

Cork products for your home and office by Go4cork

As we are all living in the 21st century, where going as green as possible is not only recommended but vital for our planet, it’s quite refreshing coming into contact with professionals out to make a difference.

02 December, 2019

Trends 2020: Dulux’s colors for next year!

It’s that time of year – no, not when year-end holidays are being planned, but when professionals in the design industry (including Interior Designers and Decorators) foretell what will be “hot” for the year ahead in terms of design trends and colors.

30 November, 2019

10 stylish ideas for an open-plan living room, dining room, and kitchen

For today’s modern and multi-versatile lifestyles, an open-plan layout (which usually consists of a living room, dining area, and kitchen) are nothing short of ideal. But it still requires a delicate dose of skill to make said open-plan space practic…

24 November, 2019

6 remodeling ideas that can increase your home's value

As the current real estate market is a bit unpredictable, more and more homeowners have decided to put their plans of selling their houses on hold. Very smart move! But what can you do in the meantime? Certainly not just sit around and wait for thing…

18 November, 2019

10 ways to use that wasted space under your stairs

Space should definitely be on some sort of endangered species list! Everywhere we look it’s as if houses and apartments are getting smaller. That puts quite the important task on tenants and homeowners everywhere: take what legroom you have and make…

07 November, 2019

A delightful seaside dream home by DC Projects

For today’s designer spotlight, we travel all the way to Malaga, a port city situated in southern Spain’s Costa del Sol. Here is where seasoned interior design firm DC Projects is allowing us to take a peek at one of its most exciting projects: a ful…

04 November, 2019

Modern Interiors for a luxurious home in Bangalore

Style is entirely subjective, and therefore it means different things to everyone. In this beautiful home, which reflects the tastes of the homeowners, neutral and subtle colours are used to exude charm.

28 October, 2019

Small but stylish: 10 tips to make your small bathroom WORK!

It’s a fact: big bathrooms are the stuff of dreams, but don’t be misled into thinking that smaller, more compact bathrooms are a nightmare. Even professional Bathroom Designers know it’s not the size that counts, but rather what you do with it.

19 October, 2019