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5 Phenomenal bathroom tile combinations

As much as time changes, there are certain things that never go out of style. Bathroom tiles are one of them. They are by far the best option to decorate the walls of your bathroom!What has changed though is the motifs, shapes and combinations of col…

09 May, 2018

7 Small bedroom designs by professional experts

The bedroom is typically a place to sleep and relax so honestly, you don't actually need that much space. The important thing is to make it the most comfortable. It is a worldwide issue to deal with small living spaces nowadays.

08 May, 2018

An Upper East Side apartment that's a cut above the rest

Modern family homes are great, but just for today, how about we shine a much-deserved light on a chic apartment that would be perfect for professionals? Filled with utterly spectacular art and decorative touches, we can see the work of a truly inspir…

07 May, 2018

18 sofa selections that will have you feeling spoilt for choice

The living room is the natural center of any home and as such, it's absolutely critical that you give a lot of consideration to the sofa that you select. It's no good simply choosing something in a coordinated color , with enough seats for everyone i…

06 May, 2018

A home that's modern inside AND out

There are a lot of contemporary homes out there, all designed by inspired architects, but we wanted to show you one today that has mastered the art of cohesive design on a far more cellular level than most.

04 May, 2018

How to bring summer vibes into your home? 6 color ideas!

Summer is a fantastic season; it brings the opportunity to enjoy bathing in the sun, refreshing swims, pool parties and all the lively fun that a bright season like this can bring.

03 May, 2018

Cleaning guide: how to clean your glass shower doors properly?

Keeping a bathroom spotless can seem like a mammoth task and not one that is likely to top the 'enjoyable chores' list for anyone, but hard water stains can take hold quickly and usurp all the hard work that a bathroom designer has put into creating…

01 May, 2018

21 amazing shelf & rack ideas for your home

Plenty of storage is a bonus, especially in contemporary homes with limited dimensions. Of late, interior designers have been experimenting with living spaces to offer added storage.

30 April, 2018

Ensure the apt end table height for homey visual harmony

End tables are seating accompaniments generally placed next to a sofa/ couch in the living room and beside the headboard in the bedroom. Mostly overlooked, these low-key elements are quite important to the overall appearance & function of the…

29 April, 2018

Get creative with these corner kitchen cabinet ideas!

With the rising paucity of space, one thing that oftentimes leaves kitchen planners perplexed is how to functionally incorporate the kitchen corners into the design. When the design mandates addition of extra storage, it becomes even trickier.

27 April, 2018