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How Much Would An Extension Cost Me?

Who of us doesn't know this: We love our four walls and never want to move away from there. But at some point, we realize that our house is too small—maybe because we've had a baby and the rooms aren't enough, maybe because we want to move our offi…

10 February, 2024

If You Have A Grey Kitchen, These 8 Floors Harmonize Particularly Beautifully!

Grey kitchens are trendy – and rightly so, in our opinion. Grey kitchens look cool, but it doesn't matter what style a grey kitchen is: this cool colour always fits. In this article, we take a closer look at different kitchen models and, in particula…

09 February, 2024

These 8 Room Dividers Between The Kitchen And Living Room Are Simply Awesome!

In modern homes, interior designers often combine the kitchen and living room. This type of combination has been trendy for a long time and offers families a nice place where everyday life can take place.

08 February, 2024

6 Brilliant Ideas For Hiding The Washing Machine In The Bathroom

In contrast to refrigerators and kitchen stoves—which are now available in great designs and which fit seamlessly and decoratively into their surroundings—washing machines have not changed much in appearance over the last 20 years.

07 February, 2024

Moleanos Stone: Characteristics, Types, Pros and Cons, Cleaning and Prices!

The use of natural stone has always been one of the most sought-after requirements in architecture. The beauty and uniqueness of each block of stone are qualities that no client will miss and that offer any property a refinement and originality that…

03 February, 2024

Volumetry? Find out now what it is and what it’s for!

The process of building a house is full of difficulties, especially for those who have never thought much about the subject. When someone decides to have their dream home and makes a point of being involved in the project, they find themselves surrou…

Wonderful modern house - functional and elegant architecture

What does your dream house look like? Will it be a charming, rustic country house? Or a modern, elegant and luxurious home? Or perhaps a cosmopolitan apartment in the heart of a big city?The dream takes as many forms as the people who dream it and wh…

Adding a Touch of Tradition: Outdoor Nativity Scenes for Christmas

The holiday season is about fanning joy, love and the warmth of traditions. While many aspects of Christmas have evolved, one thing remains constant: the outside nativity scene and its place as a timeless symbol of Christmas's true meaning.

16 November, 2023

How to Insert Art Into Your Home

Art can be a difference maker inside a home. It transforms the feeling of a room entirely, providing it with the warmth that you had been searching for or it can transform it into the ideal location to sit, read or just let your mind wander.

Energy-Efficient Heating: How to Save on Heating Costs and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Although Houston may be known for its warm weather, we do need heat in winter from time to time. We also need hot water for showers and cooking. Heating bills can get high during the winter and you can end up wasting electricity.

06 October, 2023