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9 Practical Reasons To Install A Swim Spa Instead Of A Pool

Most people love to swim. It’s hard to imagine getting by the warm season without taking a dip into the pool, especially with family and friends. Aside from it being a good exercise, swimming seems to calm the mind of anyone.

02 August, 2021

13 style tips for a most beautiful and functional entryway

From spacious foyers to barely-there entrance halls, your home’s entryway has its work cut out in terms of offering a functional area without neglecting visual style. And we all know that an entryway also helps establish a first impression of your ho…

25 February, 2021

10 ways to organize your garage on a slim budget

Just like your bedroom, living room and all the other spaces in your home, so too does your garage deserve some proper planning when it comes to style and functionality. And seeing as the garage is one of the most popular spots to get filled up with…

12 December, 2020

8 ideas for arranging furniture on small patios

We’re not proclaiming to be professional designers (that credit goes to our every-increasing list of expert Interior Designers and Decorators here on homify). However, we have picked up some style tips along the way, especially when it comes to makin…

30 November, 2020

The homify guide to staircase designs

It makes sense that a staircase is one of the most vital and practical fixtures in an entire house. But very few realize that staircases also have the power to become standout décor pieces, especially if some proper planning goes into the design (and…

27 October, 2020

7 home bar ideas for New Year ’s Eve 2020

It’s safe to say that 2020 has not gone according to plan. But, there’s still hope, especially since there are quite a few social soirees to look forward to – and today we wish to focus exclusively on the one social event that allows us to wipe the s…

27 September, 2020

Let’s reorganize your bedroom closet!

No time like the present to indulge in a little cleaning and organizing around the home, seeing as most of us aren’t allowed to step out. But like always, we aim to turn the not-so-good into the great, and that includes your bedroom closet which (if…

17 May, 2020

10 key considerations when planning a beautiful garden patio

Adding a perfect patio to your garden is not as easy as it sounds. True, it might not be the most difficult task ever, but there is a lot to think about in terms of budget, layout, materials, etc.

26 April, 2020

7 stylish ways to link your living room and patio

Nobody can judge you for deeming homes and gardens as two separate entities. However, clever professionals (i.e. Interior Designers, Architects, Gardeners… ) thinking way outside the box have made it possible (fun, even) to link indoor- and outdoor sp…

18 March, 2020

High style: 8 fantastic ideas for your roof terrace

When imagining yourself relaxing outdoors or entertaining al fresco, what space do you usually picture? The beach? A beautiful garden? But what if you are located smack-bang in the middle of the city in a high rise and you weren’t blessed with said b…

13 October, 2019